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Austrian Juniors Jump to the Nations Cup Victory in Hagen


(Hagen a.T.W.) The Austrian riders were positively jubilant on Friday afternoon when the Juniors, as the only team with no faults, secured the CSIO J Nations Cup win, the Prize of the Hülsmann & Tegeler GmbH & Co. KG.

The Austrians did have one rail in each round, but thanks to the scratched results, these did not count for the final score. Anton Martin Bauer, Chef d’Equipe for the riders from the Alpine Nation explained what caused it: “We have a very strong team, and had the best four here today, but it is much more important that the team stuck together, and that is why we won.” This winning team was made up of Dominik Juffinger with Redley Kerfontaine, Marie Christine Sebesta with Jp’s Winzerin, Anna Markel with Cascaro and Lisa Maria Räuber with Cuyano. “To win in Hagen is something special, because there really is no better youth horse show – everything is very well organized, and I believe that we won’t find better conditions for our horses anywhere else”, added Bauer, who will have to buy a round this evening. Twelve riders found themselves in second place, as three teams, Germany, Ireland, and France finished the Nations Cup Competition with eight penalty points. For the Chef d’Equipe of the host country, Peter Teeuwen, everything looked great after the first round, three starters finished with no faults – but in the second round, only Laura Hetzel could repeat that score. Max Haunhorst, Beeke Carstensen and Kathrin Stolmeijer each received one obstacle fault. 

Hannes Ahlmann from Reher secured the win in the individual ranking with the fastest clear round on Sunsalve Gold. Zoe Osterhoff from Hamm and Chacenny were three seconds slower than Ahlmann, but also stayed fault free, and were faster than the third placed rider Niels Kersten from the Netherlands with Can Win. 

Third Nations Cup Win for German Dressage Riders

Friday morning the third dressage Nations Cup title went to the host country Germany and the Children’s team with Chef d’Equipe Caroline Roost at Future Champions.  Participants in the Prize of the company No Concept were children nominated by their national federation between the ages of 12 and 14, riding horses. Franziska Haas from Hellschen not only offered the best performance in the competition, but also of the German team, all in the saddle of Lorentino with 73.500 percent. She was at the top, ahead of Sanne Van Der Pols who, with Excellentie earned 71.222 percentage points for the Dutch team. Joya Catharina Stolpmann from Quickborn and Helena Ernst from Bottrop received 70.778 and 70.66, and with that, placed third and fourth. “We are all very happy that the children could use their success from yesterday, and raise the level again today”, explained the team leader Roost. “Yesterday one or the other was quite nervous during the competition, but today they were all mentally strong enough to bring their best performances in the competition arena.” Second place went to the Dutch team with Van Der Pols, together with her countryman Lara Van Nek and Chiel Van Bedarf under the supervision of  Chef d’Equipe Monique Peutz. The Russian team held the bronze position with Chef d’Equipe Maria Ivanova and represented in the ring by Yulia Grigorieva and Elizaveta Samoylenko.

German competitors dominated again in the I-Tour of the Children’s division, and occupied places one through four. The rider from Munich, Anotonia Gress on Desperados SV won with 73.944 percent ahead of Maja Schnakenberg from Dörverden with Donna-Noblesse (73.611 percent), Olivia Schmitz-Morkramer from Hamburg with Tropensonne (72.278 percent), and Isabelle Rüdiger from Immenhausen with Laera R (70.778 percent).

Results in an Overview:              

4 CSIO J – Individual Rating, Prize of the Hülsmann & Tegeler GmbH & Co. KG: 1. Hannes Ahlmann (Reher), Sunsalve, 0.00/70.33; 2. Zoe Osterhoff (Hamm), Chacenny, 0.00/73.93; 3. Niels Kersten (Netherlands), Can Win, 0.00/77.86; 4. Necmi Eren (Turkey), Corelie, 0.00/78.05; 5. Paris Morssinkhof (Netherlands), Bayamo, 4.00/74.29; 6. Rowen Van De Mheen (Netherlands), Q Verdi, 4.00/75.24;

3 CSIO J – Team Rating, Prize of the Hülsmann & Tegeler GmbH & Co. KG: 1. Team Austria (0/231,08) Chef d’Equipe Anton Martin Bauer; Dominik Juffinger, Marie Christina Sebesta, Anna Markel, Lisa Maria Räuber; 2. Team Germany (0/224,5) Chef d’Equipe Peter Teeuwen; Max Haunhorst, Beeke Carstensen, Laura Hetzel, Kathrin Stolmeijer; 2. Team Ireland (0/225,13) Chef d’Equipe James Kernen; Cormac Foley, Mackenzie Healy, Patrick Hickey, Jessica Kuehnle; 2. Team France (0/231,89) Chef d’Equipe Thierry Pomel; Sara Brionne, GuillaumeGillioz, Jeanne Sadran, Mathis Burnouf;

40 CDI J – Qualification to the Juniors Final, Prize of the Luthin & Koch GmbH & Co. KG: 1. Lia Welschof (Paderborn), Linus K, 73.816%; 2. Lana Raumanns (Frankfurt), Feodor Nymphenburg, 72.281%; 3. Nadine Krause (Bad Homburg), Dancer 276, 72.193%; 4. Liselott Marie Linsenhoff (Kronberg), Danönchen OLD, 71.798%; 5. Cosima von Fircks (Munich), Diabolo Nymphenburg, 71.711%; 6. Léonie Guerra (Switzerland), Mocca Iv, 71.140%;

71 CDI Ch - Team test Children, Prize of the Performance Sales International GmbH: 1. Antonia Gress (Munich), Desperado SV, 73.944%; 2. Maja Schnakenberg (Dörverden), Donna-Noblesse, 73.611%; 3. Olivia Schmitz-Morkramer (Hamburg), Tropensonne, 72.278%; 4. Isabelle Rüdiger (Immenhausen), Laera R, 70.778%; 5. Lily Louisa Payne (Great Britain), Beckhouse Cancara, 70.556%; 6. Hannah Schaffler (Neuhof), Supreme Court 2, 70.056%;

20 CSIO Ch – Concelation Competition, Prize of the Hof Kasselmann GmbH & Co. KG: 1. Jules Orsolini (France), Roxane Des Etisses, 0.00/57.53; 2. Alia Knack (Sauldorf), Faible Lafayette, 0.00/59.12; 3. Anika Ott (Wilhelmsdorf), Quattro's Donna, 0.00/59.67; 4. Lily Engelsman (Netherlands), Rusedski Ii, 0.00/59.99; 5. Lilli Collee (Leipheim), Contefina, 0.00/60.18; 6. Valeria Gineva (Russia), Joujou De Moscou, 0.00/60.62;

13 CSIO P - 2 Phase Jumping Competition, Prize of the ALLSPAN Spanverarbeitung GmbH: 1. Harry Allen (Ireland), Aughnashammer, 0.00/31.42; 2. Ciaran Nallon (Ireland), Rexter D'or, 0.00/33.43; 3. Pam Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands), Seraja, 0.00/38.21; 4. Leonie Gruber (Frankfurt), It's Libby, 0.00/39.14; 5. Julie Thielen (Losheim), Bad Man, 0.00/39.25; 6. Camille Favrot (France), Uhelem De Seille, 0.00/42.18;

67 CDIO Ch – Nations Cup Team Rating, Prize of the Company No Concept: 1. Team Germany (1.298,5 Points) Chef d’Equipe Caroline Roost; Helena Ernst, Franziska Haase, Joya Catharina Stolpmann; 2. Team Netherlands (1.262,5) Chef d’Equipe Monique Peutz; Lara Van Nek, Sanne Van Der Pols, Chiel Van Bedarf; 3. Team Russia (1.176,5) Chef d’Equipe Maria R. Ivanova; Yulia Grigorieva, Elizavets Samoylenko;

68 CDIO Ch – Individual Rating, Prize of the Company No Concept: 1. Franziska Haase (Hellschen), Lorentino 11, 73.500%; 2. Sanne Van Der Pols (Netherlands), Excellentie, 71.222%; 3. Joya Catharina Stolpmann (Quickborn), Dajano 10, 70.778%; 4. Helena Ernst (Bottrop), Rose Magic 2, 70.611%; 5. Lara Van Nek (Netherlands), Fariska, 69.056%; 6. Chiel Van Bedaf (Netherlands), Bond's Painting, 68.889%;

For anyone not able to be here in person, we have a great solution. In cooperation with @ClipMyHorse.TV the entire competition will be broadcasted live, and free of charge. With this link you can watch the live stream. http://www.clipmyhorse.tv/onair

Photo 1: Die Siegermannschaft im CSIOJ Nationenpreis der Junioren aus Österreich. © Fotodesign gr. Feldhaus

Photo 2: Die Siegerteams im CDIOCh Dressur-Nationenpreis der Children. © Fotodesign gr. Feldhaus